● Adjectives with -ed vs -ing i.e. I am interested in your offer. Your offer is interesting.
● Adverbs of frequency – always, never, seldom, sometimes, often, etc.
● Word order of adverbs of frequency i.e. I am never late. I never call people after 10 p.m.
● Comparative and superlative of irregular adjectives i.e. far – further / farther – furthest / farthest
● Same as, the same i.e. Laura gets the same salary as me. You’re just the same as your mother.
● As… as i.e. He isn’t as old as he looks. It’s not as cold.
● Like, alike, slightly, i.e. You look like your mother, They look alike. She is slightly taller than me.
● As soon as, still, so far, not only, whatsoever, i.e. As soon as the bus arrived, the
passengers rushed to board it. She is still asleep. How many we got so far? He has no respect for authority whatsoever. Not only will they paint the outside of the house but also the inside.

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