● Present simple i.e. I come from Greece. I work late on Tuesdays.
● Present progressive i.e. She isn’t eating. Why are you wearing a coat?
● Present perfect with for, since, yet, already, never, ever, just, i.e. I have never seen that
film before. She hasn’t written yet. We have just finished eating.
● Present perfect progressive i.e. I have been learning English for ever.
● Passive voice i.e. The book has been rewritten many times. The dinner is served. She is
being vaccinated.
● Present progressive for future i.e. When are you meeting again?
● Present simple for future i.e. School starts at 8 every day.
● Reported speech i.e. She said she had been waiting for hours.
● There is, There are i.e. There is a dog in the garden. There are people everywhere.

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